VP6D Press Release #8

Written by Gene Spinelli, K5GS.

VP6D has reached another significant milestone.

After a short delay the VP6D equipment is on its way to Braveheart in New Zealand. The shipment was consolidated on to 5 pallets, with a total weight of 1,615 kg (3,553 pounds) and released to Cathay Pacific Cargo airlines by our customs broker in Hayward, California.

The shipment was trucked to San Francisco International Airport for delivery to Cathay Pacific’s cargo hub in Hong Kong. From there it goes to Auckland, New Zealand where it will clear Customs and Bio-security, then taken to our customs broker in Tauranga, New Zealand for delivery to Braveheart. We built in plenty of buffer to meet the contracted date to load Braveheart and manage any unexpected delays.

It’s been a busy several weeks to get all the equipment consolidated, integrated, tested and packed for shipment. The short delay allowed us to add a few late arriving items: SPE high power amplifiers, a spare set of band pass filters and a drone, we think you will agree the delay was justified. At Braveheart’s warehouse the pallets will be unwrapped and inventoried. The shipping cases will not be opened unless visibly damaged.

The next major milestone will be in October when team members begin their journey to meet the Braveheart at Mangareva, French Polynesia. It's been a long 16 months of detailed planning and coordination - the target is now in sight.

In case you missed the latest Clublog update, VP6/D is shown as #19 Most Wanted.

With donations at 78% of target we’re looking forward to additional DXers joining the project’s donor list on VP6D.com

Team Ducie 2018

Website: vp6d.com, Twitter and Facebook
Please direct questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VP6D Press Release #7

Written by Gene Spinelli, K5GS.

For Immediate Release
Press Release #7
August 5, 2018

We are honored to have received a grant from the ARRL’s Colvin Award Committee. The Colvin Award is funded by an endowment established by Lloyd D. Colvin, W6KG (SK). More information can be found at:
http://www.arrl.org/colvin-award-grants We appreciate the ARRL’s confidence in, and support of, VP6D.

VP6D - Ducie Island DX-pedition Announced

Written by Gene Spinelli, K5GS.

The Perseverance DX Group (pdxg.net) is pleased to announce their planned activation of Ducie Island (a Marine Protected Area), currently Clublog #27 most wanted. Planning has begun for an expedition in Oct/Nov, 2018.

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