Goals of PDXG

 Perseverance logo no backgroundThe goals of the Perseverance DX Group are to:

  • bring together worldwide amateur radio operators by sponsoring and conducting DX-peditions
  • educate amateur radio operators in the art of working rare and semi rare DX
  • create multinational DX-pedition teams that allow people from different countries / cultures to work together and to better understand one another
  • support the DX Code of Conduct
  • give back to the host country, whether through education, environmental management, or supporting projects unique to the locale
  • act as goodwill ambassadors when interacting with host country citizens, radio related or not
  • work with local amateur radio societies and clubs to create lasting relationships, where applicable
  • treat all suppliers and sponsors with respect by doing business in a fair, equitable and professional manner
  • maintain the highest of standards and integrity in our operation and communication


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