PDXG QSL Management Platform Update

Written by Gene Spinelli, K5GS on .

Earlier this year we released a report on the status of our PDXG QSL Management Platform that was designed to automate the QSL manager’s back end processes. Developed over the past 3 years it’s now at Version 4.3 and installed on servers in the United Kingdom and the USA. Exclusive users are Tim M0URX, Charles M0OXO, Pista HA5AO and Gene K5GS.

The development goal of this collaborative effort was to eliminate, or greatly reduce, a manager’s manual tasks. The first large implementation was the 2015 TX3X Chesterfield Island DX-pedition, we learned a lot about what QSL managers and users expect from an OQRS platform. The application eliminates most of the manual drudgery of processing confirmations for a single DX operator to the largest DX-pedition.

2017 Year to Date 2017 Metrics:

-    QSOs loaded:   5,018,167
-    Total number of DX logs:  800 (DX-pedition, contest, active DX stations handled by M0URX, M0OXO and HA5AO)

A QSL manager with one helper can process OQRS requests for the largest DX-pedition in one day, an amazing 75% reduction in time and labor. Compare this to the old process that took multiple people many days to handle a large DX-pedition. Today the only time consuming OQRS confirmation tasks are stuffing envelopes and affixing labels, a bulk mail franking machine eliminated postage stamps.  Other automated tasks include matching donors to the log for special handling and busted call management, no more busted/missing call e-mails. 

A new feature controls sending duplicate QSL cards to the same DXer. Many DXers request a card through OQRS or Direct and also send a buro card. The software will not respond to the buro request if a card was previously sent for the same contact(s).

With all this extra time on their hands M0URX and M0OXO are available to handle additional DX call signs and DX-peditions.

For additional information about the project please contact any of the people named in the article at their QRZ.com e-mail address.

Gene K5GS for PDXG

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